About Us

We speak the language of Mobile. We are a Toronto Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn); Email Marketing, SEO services, YouTube (HD Video Production), Advertising, Photography (Corporate Head shot & Product Photography), Logo & Graphic Design. Elevate your brand to greater heights with social media marketing & experience higher levels of engagement through platforms such as Twitter & Facebook.


General Mobile Consulting

AVAJ offers complimentary consultation services to help new clients with general mobile consulting; pre-development mobile marketing strategies, application/creative brain storming and business model development. AVAJ works with clients while striving to understand their goals and objectives for their custom mobile application development, mapping out project milestones and build projects yielding high ROI’s.

Mobile Application Development

AVAJ has a team of highly qualified creative designers, programmers, and project managers who work with clients to ensure the highest value and efficiency for the Smartphone mobile application development. We assure to meet every individual client’s deadlines. Moreover, we oversee the application submission and review process for each individual app store. Let AVAJ craft your Android App development, Iphone/Ipad/Ipod App Development, Blackberry App Development and Windows App development

Website Development with mobile platform integration

AVAJ provides a plethora of services which include development of simple landing pages to complex custom CMS (Content Management Systems). All of our websites are designed to be 100% compatible with the latest mobile web browsers and are built to integrate seamlessly with our custom mobile application development. We also aid in the setup and installation of websites onto suggested IT solutions.

Social Media Optimization & Social Network Marketing

Social media marketing vastly expands the reach and efficacy of traditional marketing communications strategies by allowing businesses and brands to connect more intimately with their target audiences. AVAJ’s social media optimization and marketingwill ensure that your app is ‘discoverable’ in an increasingly crowded mobile market, with branded pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as proactive communication to bloggers and other news outlets in your market. Our social media marketing service helps you nurture brand awareness, implement mobile marketing campaigns, increase communications, and ultimately drive sales efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

AVAJ has an integral team of search engine specialists who will increase the visibility of your website by ensuring maximal link-through, click-through, tagging, key words and cross links to get your brand and webpage the greatest amount of views, which will be accompanied with analytic reports of the efforts and progress of the Search Engine Optimization campaign.

Mobile Marketing & Media Strategies

AVAJ’s mobile marketing strategies will empowers brands, agencies and media properties to engage customers, drive loyalty and increase sales.Our clients will benefit from our vast knowledge of mobile application development, mobile marketing strategies and virtual media campaigns. AVAJ’s customers connect with consumers across every mobile channel, including SMS, 2D/QR codes, mobile websites, advertising networks, social media and branded apps