Mobile App development in Toronto, Canada

Mobile App development in Toronto, Canada

AVAJ has a team of highly qualified creative designers, programmers, and project managers who work with clients to ensure the highest value and efficiency for the mobile app development in Toronto, Canada. We assure to meet every individual client’s deadlines. Moreover, we oversee the application submission and review process for each individual app store. Let AVAJ craft your web app development, Android mobile App development, IOS/Ipad/Ipod App Development, Blackberry App Development and Windows App development etc.

Android Mobile App Development in Toronto, Canada

AVAJ possesses a cutting edge Android applications development team as a result of our understanding of the phenomenal growth in the Android app market. Our designers and developers have a special focus on creating Android apps that are designed from the ground up to be Android-specific, as opposed to being copies of iPhone apps. Read More…

Web App Development Services in Toronto, Canada

The team here at AVAJ strongly believe that when you are launching an app, it is not just an app. You are in the process of launching your business or improving the experience for your customers, following dream. Mobile Apps vary in complexity as well the timelines attached to launching them as well. AVAJ’s approach to developing each app is tailored to suit the individual customer’s need. We are well versed in developing apps for IOS, Android and many more mobile platforms as well apps that could function across cross platforms.

IOS Mobile App Development in Toronto, Canada

AVAJ take care to craft the best IPhone Apps with a novel design and functionality. At AVAJ we understand the iOS platform and deliver exceptional IPhone app development, accordingly. Read More…

Blackberry App Development Services in Toronto, Canada

BlackBerry’s platform is about more than just email. This environment offers a lot in terms of operational services, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, order entry, intranet access, instant messaging and a multitude of other tools and applications.

IPad App Development Services in Toronto, Canada

IPad application development usually entails a totally fresh approach to the design and software coding as compared to iPhone app design and development. By making an iPhone app larger with a couple tweaks will eventually result in a bad IPad app. A great IPad app has to be designed from the ground up, utilizing many of the distinctive navigational features, and of course extra screen space, unique to this device.

Windows App Development services in Toronto, Canada

Windows is a powerful development platform and our Windows phone app development professionals can help you to utilize its rich functionality. AVAJ professional Windows Phone development team is capable of building scalable, secure and robust mobile applications on Windows Mobile Phone Application Platform using various high-end platform tools.

Mobile Commerce Apps services in Toronto, Canada

The potential to transact on a mobile device is one of the most intriguing opportunities of the smartphone revolution. AVAJ can develop strategies that generate mobile commerce opportunities, and then design and develop the necessary mobile products.

AVAJ can build mobile commerce apps which will allow users to use their credit cards, PayPal accounts or Apple’s In-App Purchasing function to make mobile purchases via standard encryption protocols, including the option to make subsequent purchases via a single click.

Streaming and Media Apps services in Toronto, Canada

With the proliferation of video and audio streaming capable Smartphones, we have helped our clients develop and implement strategies to give their customers’ access to a variety of rich media content on their mobile devices. Our teams have successfully worked with a variety of video and audio platforms.

Widget strategy development services in Toronto, Canada

We will look at your Web site and see whether or not you would benefit from an interactive widget campaign. This includes identifying what type of widget may work for your site, its probability for success, and what your competitors are (or are not) doing and how you can better that.

Blog strategy development services in Toronto, Canada

We can work with you to create a blog strategy that carves a space for your corporate or personal brand in the greater blog community. This may include crafting ideas for blog posts, writing the posts themselves, showing you how to comment on other blogs to build awareness, and much more.

Retail and Point-of-Sale Apps services in Toronto, Canada

The extensive acceptance of smartphones is launching a whole new world of retail/point of sale mobile apps. Consumers can access coupons, special offers or additional information while making their purchasing decision. AVAJ realizes the exciting potential implications for retailers and CPG companies.