WordPress Website Development in Toronto, Canada

Word Press Website Development in Toronto, Canada

AVAJ website design company in Toronto, Canada specialized in developing the WordPress website design at a reasonable price. We utilize the WordPress theme in the development of website it is the open-source and cost-free theme. At the same time, there are thousands of plug-ins are available so your websites can get all types of requirements. WordPress website design provides the SEO supported design. We maintain and secure your website from vulnerable to malware and hacking attempts.  One of the valuable benefits of Word Press themes are which is the free open source themes provided the clients can change and update the content, images on their website quickly and easily.

Recent days, the business is not able to run without websites due to the growth of internet knowledge of human. The website is the perfect platform to discover your business. The WordPress theme is the best theme to design the all type of business websites with user-friendly manner. WordPress theme helps to update your websites easily also helps to withstand in the business market to enhance the sales. Furthermore, the WordPress theme is helping to construct the responsive website, search engine friendly websites, secure and user-friendly websites to promote your business on the right place.

We have expert team members for utilizing advanced skills and techniques to make your websites impressive and give the industry-based solutions. If you need the highly advanced website design and customized website design, we are ready to provide the perfect solutions for your requirement. Our team members are providing following functionalities for designing the WordPress websites such as WordPress CMS, theme development, efficient dynamic coding, WordPress Plug-Ins, maintaining the websites and providing the support services.

Why WordPress theme in developing your website at AVAJ?

  • We utilize the WordPress themes for adapting to change the design of your website quickly.
  • WordPress Plug-ins permits you to extend the functionality of your WordPress site without any knowledge of programs.
  • We utilize the WordPress themes for providing strong content management system (CMS) solutions on your website.
  • We have the expert team in handling any technical issues, security issues of your websites.

AVAJ WordPress Services

We offer the following WordPress Services for your website in Toronto, Canada.

  • Installation of WordPress and Setup in Toronto, Canada.
  • Custom website development using WordPress Theme in Toronto, Canada.
  • Customized WordPress Theme in Toronto, Canada.
  • Installation of WordPress Plug-in in Toronto, Canada.
  • Customization of WordPress Plug-in in Toronto, Canada.
  • WordPress Theme with SEO supported design in Toronto, Canada.
  • Basic WordPress Theme Setting in Toronto, Canada.
  • Conversion from WordPress to PSD in Toronto, Canada.
  • Customize the existing WordPress Theme in Toronto, Canada.
  • Customize the WordPress Blog in Toronto, Canada.
  • Integrate with Social Media Buttons– You can easily integrate more number of social media icons into wordpress websites. You don’t need to login to your Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn etc accounts one by one to know your social community know your business information.
  • Enhance website Security– The wordpress website design secure your website from hackers.  We make the dynamic website to reduce the possibilities of bugs and security attacks. Our advanced website security protects the contents of your website. Also protect the incoming and outgoing data of your website.
  • Easily redesign your website – You can redesign your wordpress website easily. There are more numbers of themes available in the wordpress.

Benefits of WordPress Website Design

AVAJ prefer WordPress theme is the best theme for managing the content management system in your business website. Because, the word press has more benefits such as user friendliness and user interface.  The some of the benefits of WordPress theme is listed below

  • Simple to use– You can easily add the website pages, contents, images, blog posts etc. The WordPress theme takes very less time to update the website. The website maintenance is very easy compare to other websites. At anywhere you can do the modification in the website through access into the internet.
  • User Friendly– You can easily update your website. By using the WordPress theme in your website, you can easily get the google rank in the search engine. Because, the google loves WordPress websites due to its functionality. The recent research shows 8% of the websites in the internet are utilise only the WordPress theme.
  • Custom design– You can design your website in the 100% customise and user can get great experience from your website. We provide unique capabilities from your website and also make it easier for your customer to do the business. Custom website design helps the visitors to spend more time in your website for learning about your business.
  • Responsive website design– The responsive website design is must need for all types of business website. When utilizing the WordPress website design, no needs to develop the separate website for responsive website design. The WordPress website design already builds with responsive website design.
  • Easy to extend the functionality of your website– In the WordPress theme more than 10,000 numbers of plug-ins are available which help to extend your website functionality. You can include the many features which are social media sharing, SEO, photo slideshows and much more.

AVAJ Provides the Following Add-On Services

  • Google Map Integration
  • Sitemap generation
  • Design and develop your website with search engine friendly
  • Jquery based sliders
  • Increased the website load time
  • Enhance Page Navigation
  • Social Media Buttons
  • Add the social bookmarking
  • Enhance website security, auto backup
  • Add the Email subscription
  • Update the WordPress themes
  • Install the customized mobile theme
  • Utilized updated widgets
  • Eye catchy icon
  • Pop up notification

Other WordPress Website Services in Toronto Canada

AVAJ best website development company in Toronto, Canada provides various WordPress website services such as security of WordPress website, maintenance of WordPress website and marketing of WordPress website.

WordPress Website designing Price in Toronto, Canada

The cost of the WordPress website developing in AVAJ is calculated based on the requirement of functionalities and features of the WordPress themes. AVAJ provides following website designing price for clients in Toronto, Canada.

  • Standard Website Design Price in Toronto-
  • Parallax Website design price in Toronto-
  • Silver Website design price in Toronto-
  • Gold website design price in Toronto-
  • Platinum website design price in Toronto-
  • Ecommerce website design price in Toronto-
  • Logo design price in Toronto-
  • Brochure design price in Toronto-

Security of WordPress Website in Toronto, Canada

We secure your wordpress website by protecting from hackers, spam, malware attacks etc. We design your website without any problem of unauthorized access. We keep your website with core update. WordPress releases the more numbers of plug-ins and themes continuously to enhance the website security. We always update your website plug-ins and themes to increase your website security. We apply the two-factor authentication when logging your website which keeps your website from brute force attacks.

Maintenance of WordPress Website in Toronto, Canada

Avaj offer the online 24/7 support for maintaining your wordpress website in Toronto, Canada. We utilize only the advanced wordpress theme to increase the security of your website. We regularly monitor your website and update regularly.


Basic Maintenance task of your wordpress website

  • Utilize only updated version of wordpress website
  • Update plug-ins and themes regularly.
  • Utilize the automatic update of wordpress theme

Daily task to maintain your wordpress website

  • Take backup regularly.
  • Answer for the comments.

Monthly task to maintain your wordpress website

  • Optimize your website speed.
  • Scan the malware and identification of hacking.
  • Update the portfolio.

Weekly task to maintain your wordpress website

  • Analyze your website regularly.
  • Check google analytics for your website.
  • Eliminate spam comments.
  • Eliminate trash.

Yearly task to maintain your WordPress website

  • Remove dead links.
  • Update the website contents.
  • Authenticate your WordPress website.

Marketing of WordPress Website in Toronto, Canada

AVAJ offer the various WordPress website marketing services like digital marketing and SEO services etc. The SEO services included the Off-Page SEO, On-Page SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing and YouTube Marketing in Toronto, Canada. If your requirements not come in our package, we also provide the custom SEO services for your WordPress website. We recommended that at least you should to do 3 month of SEO for your WordPress website to rank higher on google. Initially, our expert team analyse your business types and work with based on your business for each client.